Monday, December 11, 2006

A stomach bug has hit the grandma's!

Oh my gosh - I get a call this morning that Grandma wants to talk to me - she is ill and has been up all night chucking and needs me to come help her.

I need to take care of the little doggy and the horses, and check on her and see what she needs.

So I head out there, after getting the kids to school - and stop to get the paper for Granny, as Grandma usually does this in the morning - and I stop at Granny's trailer first - and she is sick and has been up all night, too!

Oh my gosh!

We were all together last night, we were all together eating last night! I can just see family members one after another poppin' up sick! Lordy!

So anyway, I've been runnin' around takin' care of sickos this morning, I came home to check on my dog, get a cup of coffee (and make sure the coffee was turned off! We don't need a house fire on top of all this!) and then I'm heading out to the pharmacy to get some medicine to take back over to Grandma.

You know when people talk about bugs, and your skin starts itching? Well, I am just sure my stomach is aching....


But I AM NOT GOING TO GET THIS! You hear me, universe?

Thank you.

Thank you very much!

Now I'm off to tend to sick Granny's! LOL!

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