Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My kids on the internet - Oh my!

My husband formulated a plan for all of the computers in the house, which I was none too happy with.

First off, he decided to give his computer to the boys. This means that whenever Mark wanted online, he would have to use my computer, and my computer is the one thing in my world that I am just not into sharing. Well, whatever, Mark is rarely wanting on, anyway, so that part is not turning out too terribly.

But the other part of the plan included putting the boys' computer in the basement, which will eventually be their bedroom, but, is now serving as a living room/video game room. The bad part of this is that he was going to hook the boys up to the internet. My intentions were to have them be in a main family room to be on the internet. I like to hover, and constantly check with them - what site they are on, that they're not downloading stuff they shouldn't, etc.

Poor boys - they love to play Runescape and in those 'chat rooms' all that is discussed is the game itself. I, however, am constantly asking them, "What are the people talking about? Are they still just talking about the game?" "Yes, MOM!!" "What? It's only the third time I've asked you in an hour!" ROFL

So I'm quite a bit leery of their being downstairs and online - especially when they have friends over. You know how it is when you have your friends around - and you suddenly grow two feet taller, much stronger, and MUCH cockier!!!

So the perfect solution for me and my sanity might very well be computer monitoring software!

I've looked over the site, and the one that I see that would most interest me is only a one time payment of about $100. Not bad, for a little security during these crazy internet times.

And really, the creepy thing is - the creeps might not be some dirty old man, it could be some bully from school - *shivers*

So keeping an eye on things would give me great peace of mind!


Belle said...

I'd definitely ask the hubby to rethink hooking the boys up to the internet, and explain why. Right now we have ours set up where my kids have to be on mine to be on the internet, and I like it that way!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah..when my kid got busted for surfing porn at the catholic school library..come on, filters people?!! i knew standing firm at home was just that...

our computers are side by side..two desks lined up next to each other..when he hops online, i sit down to play a game or talk to my friends...a quiet presence...that isn't going away...

Lisa said...

Well, since my hard drive crashed in November, I've had to commandeer theirs, so hopefully that will buy me some time to come up with a new plan, and convince Mark and the boys of it!

OMG, Deb! At the Catholic school? Sheesh!!