Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Stinkin' clouds!

Silly me! I forgot those dirty, rotten, stinkin' clouds mess up the satellite signals to my GPS unit!!

Shawn and I went looking for two Geocaches on Christmas eve, and TOTALLY could not find them!

First I took him to one I'd already found - it was on one of those cool one-lane bridges near where an old mill used to be, and was just a really neat area, so I wanted him to see it. And he is really good at and enjoys finding them - so we went to that one first.

And I handed him the GPS, and it was sending him 80 ft. in the exact opposite direction - I really should've figured things out right then! I haven't hunted for caches in 2 years, though, so I forgot about the clouds.

And I noticed my battery was getting kind of low, so I thought maybe that was it!

I had to just lead him with hints to the cache.

Then we went to the other two, and as we were searching for the first one - I remembered:

"Oh! Shawn!"


"The clouds! It's the clouds! That's why you were being led 80ft. in the wrong direction on the bridge!"

We cursed the clouds, and kept hunting, as the first one had really few spots we thought it could actually be in, and the second one was in the woods, and we can never pass up an opportunity to go hiking around in the woods! I swear, if Grizzly Adams had a family - that'd be us! LOL! All five of us just love the wilderness!

Anyway, we didn't find either of them - ah well! I had some nice mother-son time with Shawn, and enjoyed telling him about the Geocacher who hid these last two - he's a chemist with the Army - a genius! Very cool!

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Jules said...

Oh that sounds like fun even if you didn't find them :( My Sirius radio in my car gets all crappy with the cloud coverage also.