Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I survived without my Momma....

....through my first ever Christmas without her!

I'm 36 yrs. old and my mother and I have never been apart on Christmas.....

It was pretty rotten, except for the morning part and celebrating with my kiddos - our little family unit stuff - that was just as nice as always.

But then, when all the hullaballoo died down, and I realized that the rest of my day would be quite different than usual....it took me quite a while to pull myself together.

But, I did. And the inlaws came over...and we had a nice time. It is kind of hard entertaining with very little furniture, but, apparently everyone prefers the gatherings to be at our house.

See, our 'living room setup' is in the basement, and the two rooms upstairs are just empty and waiting to be remodeled - I finally got fed up at one point and brought up a camping banquet-style table so that we could at least have a table. So we have that table and a hodgepodge of chairs.

So, anyway, we got through the day, and although quite different, it was not completely unbearable.

I definitely miss my momma and my daddy and my brother and my sister-in-law and my precious nephew, though. And Buddy and Scruffy - two of the Dallas menagerie!
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