Saturday, December 16, 2006

The kids were GREAT!

Ok, ok, I'm their mother - but, really - they were GREAT in their concert this morning - I was so very proud!

I did, at one point, almost start crying, because Mark and I weren't sitting there with Momma and Tracy, and Mic and Daddy - but... then I got a hold of myself. It sure is hard, though. :(

Anyway ...apparently this is just how they do it out here - have allllll the kids perform on the same day - they will be doing it again in the spring! Very cool!

There were 4th graders - 12th graders all there performing and the event started with the high school jazz band - and Oh. My. Gosh. - they were GOOD! I told Patrick that that is what he just has to do - that was the coolest thing ever - to hear that level of playing coming out of high school kids just blew me away! I was sitting there with my friend, and she played in high school - the sax - and she said these kids were way better than they ever were! It really was amazing!

(Shawn plays the trombone now, and has always wanted to play the violin, so I guess that rules out jazz band for him, lest anyone think I'm leaving him out.) ;)

And wouldn't you just freaking know it?! My darn camera was dead - I didn't get to take one bloody picture - and this was Shawn's first ever performance! Dagnabbit!

But I did get Sammie's camera all hooked up and running with this computer - so we will soon have a private concert...get a Youtube acct - and post that sucker right here on this little 'ol blog for all to see and hear and enjoy! Yea!!!

And yea for Mark Santa for buying Sammie this cool arse camera last Christmas!!

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