Monday, December 18, 2006

Geo-caching tomorrow - I'm so excited!

Thank you so much, Optics Planet - for sponsoring the previous post and getting me geared up (mentally, that is!) for Geo-Caching again!

I'm so excited! (I know, I said that already - but, dammit - I am!) I forgot how much I love this sh*t!

It was originally Mark's hobby, and then he got the kids and I into it...and then he bought me my own GPS - and then he quit playing, for some reason. He still likes it, he just gets busy with work, and the little R&R time he does have, he goes hunting.

I've been meaning to start up again here in Alabama - I keep saying I'm gonna...

And you know how that goes! LOL! I even got the durn GPS out - set it on my dresser, and then never got to it.

I used to carry it with me at all times, just in case - you might be near a good cache while you're out. Hee-hee But the durn thing was making my purse too heavy - along with the other million things in there, that is!

Anyhoo, gosh! I'm so disjointed tonight - I'm not sure what my problem is. I know what I want to say, but, it's not really coming out very smoothly like it usually does. So sorry.

So I went outside with my purdy GPS, and marked the waypoint of my house - I had to call it 'Home2' - since my TX home is still in there... And we are 638 miles from that home, as the crow flies. Awww....

Then I found two really great caches, in two of my favorite places in this town - how cool! They're definitely not my only favorite places, just two of the ones I really like. I marked their waypoints, as well.

And tomorrow - my brother is coming in town for a short visit - and I have our afternoon all mapped out! Heehee!

First we drive by the elementary school, to show him the kids' school, then we swing back around to the town cemetery (one of my favorite places) to catch a cache, then we swing back around to the high school, to show him the other kid's school, then we head on out to a wandering, meandering country road that Grandma and the kids call rollercoaster road (my other favorite place) where there is an old bridge over a creek with a cache hidden nearby - then, hopefully - if we have time before the monsters are due home (I use that phrase a lot around here lately..heh) we can swing over to the MIL's place and introduce him to the horses.

I suppose, if we didn't have time - we could pick up the monsters and then go back over there.

I had really wanted to take him over there last time, and didn't get to.

He said he'd be here by 12 or 1pm - he just better hurry - we've got a tight schedule!


Genki Girl said...

Hey you!! I Tagged you on my website! I hope you haven't been tagged yet--but have fun!!

Genki Girl

Belle said...

I have no idea what geocaching is....but sounds like you are having fun with it!

Lisa said...

You know, I've been thinking about posting about that, for the people that don't know.

I love telling people about it!