Monday, December 18, 2006

Who am I shopping for?

Isn't it funny how MUCH time one can spend window shopping in this day and age?

With all of the shop windows right here on my home computer - geeeeez! I spend way too much time ogling and oohing and aaahhing!

I've just spent a fair amount of time on a site called and I was going to come and tell ya'll about how I could easily, easily shop for my husband, my father, both of my brothers, both of my sons, and even my mother, the birder, on that site!

Until I noticed that they sell meade telescopes ! Oh yeah! See, I love Geocaching! And although I don't really need a new GPS, I could sure use some of these lovely GPS accessories!

But I guess I'm not really supposed to be shopping for myself!

So I could go back to shopping for my boys - they are really wanting a new telescope, and the meade telescopes look nice! You know, though - my brother bought them one a few years ago...and they broke it! So maybe, I should just get this GPS accessory pack for me!!

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