Thursday, December 21, 2006

I wish we'd never even gotten credit cards!

They are evil! Pure evil!

Ok, maybe it's not that bad - but, geez louise! Mark and I sure got into trouble with them!

I had always told him before we ever got one that he and I would be terrible with credit cards - I just knew it!

But then, you get that first one...and it is so damn exciting! And then - they raise your limit....wooohooo! And then you get another one....alright!

It's so addictive...and you feel like, "Oh, we only have to pay the monthly minimum, it's cool - we can handle this. No problem. Let's just buy one more thing..." Or, "let's just pay one more bill with them." Or, "let's just buy groceries with it this time." nauseum!

And before you know it, you are sunk - completely sunk.

If we pay off our credit card debt before we die, I will be amazed.

And the rotten thing is, they just keep sending you more...and more...and more cards!

It's compound doom! We really should have gotten some credit card advice straight from the beginning and maybe we could have avoided some of the compound doom we launched ourselves into!

In keeping up with credit card news, I definitely can see that we are not alone in this nightmare of debt! And that makes me feel a little better - like we're not the only ones who got sucked into this hell, you know?

I hope and pray that we can one day get out of it.

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