Thursday, December 21, 2006

Five things you might not know about me

Well, I've been tagged for the 'five things' meme by Genki Girl - thanks, mama! :)

Let me see now...

1. I always wanted to be a truck driver and I am sickly obssessed with trucks of all kinds and even large machinery - there is something so incredibly sexy about a humongous piece of equipment! HAHAHA! No, but, really - I mean that - I swear I do- it was an accidental, but fitting, funny-funny, but, I just love those big machines - and I do think they're sexy! - it was really great all those years that my boys were obssessed with construction vehicles and we watched every construction movie ever made - multiple times! (whose blog has a pic of their kids in front of the big tire? Genki, was that you? that will be funny if it is you, since you're the one that tagged me! well, that was one of my favorite videos...about those giant trucks, I think we still have that one, too) And we had to stop at all the cool construction sites - and my family would call me up...."Lisa, there's a giant grader near my house, quick! Bring the boys!" LOL It was so much fun!

2. I can belch SUPER LOUD! (My family always loved that!)

3. One of my nicknames as a kid was 'Animalisa' - I loved it!!

4. The woods are my 'church'. I was truly blessed, in that my folks couldn't afford a 'regular daycare' and so every summer I was sent to YMCA day camp (which was held in the woods) for the whole summer - and it was there that the foundation for my spiritual life blossomed. (Not that I knew that then.) You know, it's funny how upset we get when we 'can't afford something' - and I cannot begin to tell you how different my life would be without that experience! I think I'll remember that next time I 'cant' afford' something for my kids!

5. My husband has a gorgeous, and studly, and manly--- fancy and pretty '99 F250....and I miss his '78 F150....because of the sound it made - rumbly rumbly old truck - I would get frisky when I would hear him pull into the drive - EVERY time! His 'new' and purdy one is oh-so-quiet...aww....drat! Also, along those lines - he bought me a '98 Nissan Quest...very nice van, it has been good to us - very little, almost no, trouble with it. But I miss my '77 Delta 88 - her name was Bertha - and she was the greatest!!!

Ok, so there you have it. Now it's my turn to tag!

I tag: Super-Mommy, Devilish Southern Bell, Brainfizzles, Momgadget, and Casual Keystrokes


Jules said...

Oh I bet the Big Blue Monster that PPP has just does it in for you then huh? Especially with sexy Xavier driving it!

Lisa said...

Oh, don't even get me started on the CXT!!!!

Before we moved here in July, we lived right up the road from International - the maker of those trucks!

I would - honest engine - go and park in the parking lot and just sit and stare at them!!!!

On some days, there were like 20-25 of them there at once - major drool time!!!!!

Karen_s said...

We are Ford lovers at our house too!

Gina said...

Thank you for the tag, I'll have to think hard about this. :)