Thursday, December 21, 2006

Slowly getting healthier...

I have been working on losing weight, and getting healthier since we got here in Alabama.

I think it was just the change I needed to shake things up. It is extremely helpful that I am finally living in a small town, like I've always wanted to - and also that we have so much wilderness so close by. And I have whenever-I-want access to horses.

I've talked before about how I lived in the Dallas area my WHOLE life and just recently moved from there to a small town in Alabama. I think that finally 'leaving home' - whether or not I go back - just the actual act of 'leaving home' was very good for my psyche, you know?

I have been steadily losing weight and getting more in shape since we got here. I am definitely more physically active out here, for various reasons. Our house has two staircases, we live on a large lot (on which the kids, dog, and I run around a lot), I tend to the horses quite a bit, the dog and I love taking walks in our gorgeous neighborhood - just to name a few.

I am trying to approach 'getting healthy' in lots of ways - not just simply eating less and exercising. So I am trying to tackle this from more than one angle.

One thing I've always heard is that people that drink diet soda have a high tendency to be/become overweight - and not to mention that artificial sweeteners are just poison for your body anyway - so I stopped drinking my diet soda and also switched to putting sugar in my coffee instead of artificial sweetener.

And that one step has actually made a big difference. It was really weird - it was like something just *poof* let's odd, and I really can't explain it. Perhaps someone out there will know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I still occasionally have a diet soda on the weekend - but, even that is rare. And it is great to be free of that!

I'm just trying to take little baby steps in different ways in my life, and I think it is helping.

There is much more I wish I was already doing -yoga and meditation on a regular basis, playing my DDR game on the xBox, walking the dog more, etc - but, I feel like I am getting there - and I am not berating myself for not being there, because I know I'm moving forward, and that is freeing.

It would be really awesome if I could have some personal training and maybe I will do that, too, eventually - if my work online, like this great sponsored post, keeps progressing well.

Anyway, I have been meaning to start a blog just on this subject - but, right now the blog name I want is taken - and the person hasn't posted on it in a YEAR!! And you can tell from this gabby post that I've got a lot to say about it! I have been trying to think of another name that I would like, but, the one I have in mind is really the one I want - so, we'll see, I guess.

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