Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My dream came TRUE!!!!

Oh my holy beGOSHness! You are not going to believe this - that crazy dream - with the 'haunted front yard'? Yep! That's the one - it came true!

The only difference is that it was made of that black trash bag material instead of particle board!

It was SO COOL!!! I went with my boys and one of Patrick's 7th grade friends - three of us were definitely SCARED!!!

There is nothing better than getting scared at a haunted house - I love it!! (Well, maybe holding your newborn child is a little better - maybe!! HAHAHA!!

It was put together, I'm told by my daugher, by the college kids and the proceeds go to the high school prom.

They even chased after us with a chainsaw!! AAAGGHH!! (They held it high up in the air, though - we watched them do it while we were waiting in line - you could see it sticking up higher than the 'trash bags'. But even knowing it was coming - we got scared!!!! LOL!)

But -- BUT! That's not all -- I unknowingly moved into the neighborhood of Halloween Heaven!!!

This section of the neighborhood was SO DECKED OUT - it was supremely unreal and totally awesome!!!

(This post sure has a lot of exclamation points, huh?)

The Halloween Heaven section starts out with this one house that is so amazing - they had a truck all set up as The Ghostbuster truck, a scabby scabby van set up as a coroner's truck, they had music pumpin' REALLY LOUD - and all sorts of decorations, lifesize, I mean - and all of it taped off with yellow tape to look extra spooky and keep the throngs of people from knockin down their righteous Halloween props.

This whole section of the neighborhood was virtually inaccessable(I'll fix the spelling later) by car - so I would say I got a MIGHTY good walk in last night!!! Not to mention this neighborhood could easily be renamed "Little San Francisco" for all of the damn hills -- oh, all of the damn hills!

So let me see, I took the boys to a Haunted Carport, a Haunted Front Porch, a Haunted Front Yard, a RIGHTEOUSLY decorated Halloween house, and a fortune teller, to boot! That's right - one house even had a small tent set up with a 'fortune teller' inside to let all the kids know about the riches and fame they will encounter in their lives! Cool!

The only problem was, this section of the hood is SO HEAVILY TRAFFICKED (sp, yeah, I know) that the houses were all a little chintzy with the candy - hell! they had to be!

I personally - like I said once or twice before - was in HALLOWEEN HEAVEN! And I wished beyond wishing that Meely (my favorite Halloween friend) was with me - she would have been as thrilled as I was!

But the boys - little turkey butts that they are - couldn't get their minds off of the fact that they didn't get as much candy as they wanted!

Shawn says to me in the car, while we're driving the friend home, "You had to take us to the good houses, so we didn't get as much candy!"

Rotten, stinkin', no good, dirty rotten kids!!!

I mean, the whole town was out there - moms, grandmas, wee ones, teens galore! Sammie even saw her teacher!! After Mark gave her the royal spook!

Yes - Mark was with Sammie and he was dressed up in a creepy, scary, old man-like mask thing - with werewolf hands....and he was scaring everybody!

He walks up quietly behind these three ladies and starts breathing heavy and loud....and scares them half to death - only to discover that one of them is Sammie's teacher!!! ROFLMAO!!!

He said he scared some people so badly that it was hysterical!!

Sammie said, "Mom, I like going with you better - Daddy just scares everyone!" LOL!

Damn - that was all just so much fun - I can't even believe it! I have been digging through the local papers trying to find a pic of the 'Ghostbuster House' -- and haven't found anything yet, but, when I do, rest assured, I will post it here!!

Goddang - I can't wait till next year!!!!!


Devilish said...

Oh my goodness! I wish we had been able to go to to something "haunted" this year, but didn't get to. Ah well!

Belle said...

Um...'devilish' is me...not sure why Blogger does that to me sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Any pictures of the family ghouls for your ole ma???

Lisa said...

I actually didn't take one picture...crazy, I know! *smacks head*

PBS said...

Very cool, I love Halloween! We went to a haunted ship this year.

Lisa said...

A haunted ship? Ok - now THAT sounds cool!!!

I'd love to hear more about it!