Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Weird and wandering dream.....

Ok, on to that dream I mentioned. Let's see - where did it begin?

Oh, the kids and I were driving down a street in a neighborhood that we used to live in over two years ago. An informational bit for the story - two boys lived on this street, probably still do, that were in Patrick's grade, with whom he had previously been friends. (This part is all for real, btw.) One of the boys he still 'sort of' likes and one of the boys he can't stand.

Ok, dreamland - it was Halloween day, we are driving down this street and we see many of the neighbors preparing for the evening's goings on. And then we are absolutely amazed and extremely excited by what we see at one of the houses!

The man who lives there has used his ENTIRE front yard to construct a mini-haunted house with big, thin pieces of wood! It is so big it actually extends out into the street, but, only as far as a car would be if it were parked there. We could see him out there still working on it and we couldn't wait until 'trick-or-treat' time so that we could check it out and have him scare us to death!!! We love haunted houses!! (For real - we do!)

So we drive on and continue to our house, all so excited! And we all wonder aloud, "How will we remember what street it is on?" (We feel as though we won't be able to find our way back to it - huh? Dreams are so weird) So Patrick says, "We'll just remember it's on Joe and Stupidhead's* street!" "Oh, ok! Great idea, Patrick!"

Next thing I know, I've got all of these extra kids with me. I know Kendulf was with us, and Kieran - and Kieran's mom was there, but, then she wasn't....odd. So he was not really even gonna be staying with me - he and his mom were just visiting me and next thing you know she's gone...and I'm babysitting. Which is great, on my end, because I just love that sweet little redheaded pumpkin - I was just worried about her, maybe wondering why he wasn't with her anymore. Or like maybe I was supposed to take him to her. You know that weird worrying that happens in dreams....(or heck! in real life, even)

So anyway, I've got my kids, Kendulf, Kieran, and a few other odd, assorted children. And next thing I know, we're in front of my parents house - Daddy's outside, urging me to be quiet and get those kids quiet because Momma is inside asleep.

Ok - next thing - we're at my house - with all these kids, it's very late at night, and it's a school night!

(Did Halloween just get skipped?! ugh. dreams!)

So I'm trying to get the kids to go to sleep, and the big boys keep talking - and then I can't get the toddlers to be quiet or even be still on their pallets in the living room where we're all camped out. Then the big boys decide to go to the other living room to get away from the toddlers, I say, Fine! Just so long as you be quiet and go to sleep!

It was like trying to keep a bunch of noisy, bouncy kittens in a box! The two living rooms were separated by the kitchen - so I am going back and forth trying to shut everyone up....and I notice it's 1:38AM!!!!!

DUN DUN DUN ... In comes Mark.... (eeks, this doesn't look good!)

Mark goes in to the living room where the big boys are to get them quiet - and the little turds had turned on the TV!! So Mark tells them to turn it off.

*brace yourselves*

Patrick: *very snotty voice* "Why don't you turn it off?!"

OMG!!! I mean, OMG!!! This is not good!

I rush back in there, or - attempt to, so that I can monitor the situation by this grumpy dad and his raucously smart-aleck teenage son who must be smoking crack to talk to his dad that way - especially at 1:38AM on a school night - with a bunch of extra kids sleeping over!!!

And then some other kid gets in my way - shoving pillows and blankets in my face so that I can neither get by, nor see, what is happening!!

And then -- nothing.

The pillows are gone from my face - Mark is gone - the kids are all quiet - just nothing....


Strange - and we didn't even get to go trick-or-treating or go through that kick ass haunted house!

*names changed to protect the innocent - HAHAHA - and because I can't remember what rotten name he called that other kid!!!

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