Monday, October 30, 2006

Yes...we have a tardy...

I know, I know

I'm so disappointed - I just saw it this morning - Patrick didn't even tell me

He was out at the 'bus stop' (i.e. in front of the neighbor's house) and he yelled to Sammie, who had gone out to get the paper...."Ask mom how many tardies I have in math" (math is first period)


So I went on the computer and looked it up and he has one tardy - tarnished our almost-perfect record!!! Bummer!!! As my kids, especially the boys, have never had anything close to a perfect attendance record!

But - to his credit - it is not his fault -the fault either lies with me and the rain, or the bus driver.

Two days last week we had bad rainy mornings and I like to take them when it's raining (hey, I'm a new 'bus mom' - gimme a break! Besides, Patrick doesn't want to stand in the rain waiting for the bus...they have to be at the curb) So anyway, the second day I took them, which I thought was Thurs, but, Sammie swears was Friday (which is why I can't figure out if myself or the bus driver should be smacked!) - I remember telling him, "Well, you might have a tardy, but it's ok, it's not your fault and it's for a good reason." when I dropped him off -- I just can't for the freaking life of me remember what the 'good reason' is!!! It's driving me crazy!

And -- Sammie said one day last week the bus was behind schedule - when she got into her classroom - the kids were already finishing up their 'morning work'!

So - either I (which would of course be extenuating circumstances, you see) or the bus driver, are to blame - not the boy - for once.

He was SO to blame last night!!! (in my dream, that is!)

Long, weird dream - Daddy was in it - Momma was 'in it' - she was asleep inside the house.....she had a background part -- haha

next time, people, next time - you're wearing me out!

Weird dream, to be continued....


T-Ray said...

I am totally excited about the boys' record!! I think the tardy can be overlooked by anyone who knows their past! I think having a school bus pick them up helps a ton. Doesn't put as much blame or pressure on dear old mom. Love you!

Lisa said...

Yes - and add to that the fact that if they get more than five absences per semester, they need a doctor's notice...


Love you, too!