Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ChaCha.com BETA Launch - I love this company!

Color me

I found a great new job AND a great new search engine - all in one fell swoop!

Yep - and it's ChaCha.com - a great new human-powered search engine!

That's right - I said human-powered - and guess what? I'm one of those POWERFUL SEARCHING HUMANS!

I am so loving this job and I think this search engine is going to be GREAT!!

And they just had their BETA launch yesterday - yep! Good things are coming!!

Go ahead and check them out: ChaCha.com

They also have a MySpace page: MyChaChaSpace

Go get them on your friends list - hurry! Go now!

Happy Day!!


Belle said...

When will they be choosing new guides?

Lisa said...

I'm sorry, they haven't told us anything about it, yet!

I will let you know the second I find out!