Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just get on up there and take a nap!

I saw the funniest thing today! I was laughing OUT LOUD - yes, LOLing - and I was alone!

It always feels so funny to LOL alone - soloLOLing - sounds like a new Olympic sport - HAHAHA!
Anyhoo - I'm driving to the elementary school to deliver nuts for the fourth graders' ice cream sundaes (those damn nuts cost $8.00!! :0 ) .....and I pass a house with a chain link fence, so I had full view of the yard - and in the yard is a couple of dogs, one of whom is a full-grown boxer.

Also in the yard, is a full-size trampoline.

Where was said full-grown boxer lounging casually?

Yep - you guessed it - ON the trampoline! It was the funniest thing EVER!

A cat, maybe, but a big 'ol D.O.G.?! Too funny!

Odd thing was, the tramp didn't even have the padding - so I would imagine some of the times when he makes that mounting jump, his back feet miss the canvas and slip through the spaces between the springs....wouldn't you?

It was just so funny! And he just looked up at me like, "Hey - what's up? How's it goin'? What? Something funny?" just ever so casually.....


I'd love to have a pic of that...
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