Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What? I live in Alabama?

Are you serious? Wow....

Did you ever do something you thought would never do?

I definitely thought I would never leave Dallas. I for sure had the pipe dream of going back to Colorado - but I pretty much thought that would never happen.

I am just such a 'Lisa Walton' - ok, I know, some of the Walton kids left Walton's Mtn. - but if you remember - a lot of them didn't - or didn't go far, anyway.

I mean, I never even left for college - hit up the JC for a few classes, but, that's it.

And now - here I am .... 700+ miles from 'home', 700+ miles from my parents and my big bro and his fam.

It really is so beautiful out here - and Mic has already visited me once, although it was an extremely short visit. But he will be back -- because he frequently works in B'ham and Hotlanta. So that is cool - I am guaranteed 4-8 visits a year from Mic!! Yea!!!

Oh well, just wanted to express my shock at actually being here.

I'm out.

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Belle said...

Hey, it's Kim (Belle from PunkyMoms & Myspace). I can totally relate. I only live about four hours from my hometown now, but when I was married the first time, I moved to California for a while. Talk about culture shock!