Friday, September 15, 2006

My new office is so lovely!

This house may have it's issues, but, one very positive thing about it is my new office!

Just perfectly lovely!

It is on the front of the house, and has a almost-to-the-floor window facing out to the front yard. Someone at some point, hung up some sheer curtains - white and ultra see-through. I frequently open the window and the curtains are so lovely with the wind gently blowing them.

I will be sitting here at my desk, on a lovely day (yes - this is the lovely post - get over it!) and the kids will be playing out in the front yard with some of the neighborhood kids....and it is all just perfectly lovely!

The room is actually the formal dining room, I think - and Mark says that he will eventually wall it off from the living room and hang the swinging door back up in the kitchen doorway.

That sounds divine! Then it will really be like a real office, and I will have some separateness from the rest of the house, while still being, essentially, in the middle of things.

Yep - perfectly lovely!

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