Saturday, April 01, 2006

Another early Saturday morning

Ugh. Always someone wants to wake me up early on Saturdays. For once, my dd was sleepy and seemingly willing to sleep in, but, she had a friend sleep over. And said friend decided to wake us up at 7:55am! Yuck.

And there has been constant noise and chatter SINCE THEN! grrr...

Currently they are 'filming a morning show' called Good Morning America with dd's camera she got for Xmas. There is constant chatter, singing, horrible guitar playing, arguing....'no, you don't say that yet!' 'no, it's my turn!' 'don't say my name last!'

How long till Monday morning.....when the kids are tucked safely in their school....a MILE away from the house!

Are you aware of the 'sound-squashing' abilities of a mile's distance?
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