Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hellish Week

  • Hurricane at my son's new home of just three weeks
  • Absessed Tooth
  • Ball Game Thursday night, instead of Friday - when I need to be working
  • Car Wreck
  • Migraine due to hurricaney weather
  • Out of prozac
  • Oh yeah, and my internet was down for 3+ days and is still sorta wonky

I'm feeling a nervous breakdown. Just a itty bitty one. Or a big one.

I just want to go to bed for two or three days. I need to pull it together, though - get my shit together. Breathe and figure things out.

Jumping Jupiter, the damn police report costs five damn dollars - which I, of course, don't have. And I don't have grocery money for next week.

I'm sinking and I'm falling and I'm just barely treading water. I hate when life is like this.

The really stinky part is that I just came OUT of a depression and was doing better. See, my husband's uncle, who we dearly love - passed away a few weeks ago. It was totally unexpected. Completely.

And then a day later, my oldest left for college - 5 hours away. Right - in that silly hurricane zone. So I kind of crashed for a couple weeks. Had that black cloud thing.

There was a really great article on CNN about depression and I loved the way she described it. I think she said something like, 'putting on the grey sweater'. Something like that - and yep - because it just kind of wraps you up in it. And you're stuck, for the time being anyway.

So I think I'm wearing the grey sweater again.

And you know what's funny? Or strange ...or what the hell ever....  migraines weaken my resolve against depression. I can very easily get depressed while fighting them. That's stinky, huh?

Ok, I'm a rambling whiney butt. I think I'll just shut up now.

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