Friday, February 04, 2011

Momma's Got An Attitude!

This morning was a wee bit rough. The kids seemed to all be grumpy. Urgh! It's wearing on me. It's so weird, because, when the kids were munchkins, I was so good at detaching myself from it. I didn't take it personally, it didn't hurt my feelings, I didn't get sad, etc., etc. My husband, though - it really would bug him - it would totally get under his skin.

And now it is like it is the exact opposite. He's okay with it, knows they're teenagers and their angst and frustrations often have little to nothing to do with us. And he doesn't get his feelings hurt or get overly upset. I, on the other hand, completely crumble. It is so weird.

Now neither time, the kids being munchkins - or the kids being teenagers, is completely black and white. Nothing really is totally black and white though, right? Every now and they when they were little, I would get upset, and every now and then nowadays, my hubby gets upset. For the most part, though, it is/was as I described.

And you know teens hate mornings. They are just often quite miserable for no more reason than that. There are some kind of studies about it. I know, I just can't bring them to mind right now. So, often - I try to have a protective wall up and not let my attitude/day be ruined, because the kids were grumpy. That is so hard to do, though.

This morning, I wound up all upset and sad and mad and all that. And that is when I decided to pour my freshly-poured HOT cup of coffee out of my sweet, groovy, happy Hippie cup and into this giant cup of ATTITUDE!!!

That's right! I decided to just TAKE BACK my attitude and not let moods of others so strongly influence the outcome of my own day!

And you know what?



Someone Help Me said...

I just happened to find your blog and read this post. Was real interesting to see the way you keep yourself positive. Very inspiring, thanks for sharing :)

Lisa Marie Mary said...

Well, thank you for visiting and commenting! :)