Monday, February 15, 2010

Ouch! More pain in my mouth!

I have really got to get myself to the dentist - I don't know how long it has been, but, I think it would freak me out more if I could actually remember! I just went and brushed my teeth after lunch, and another spot is hurting! Geez! I'm not sure if it's the tooth or my gums that are hurting this time. I think it's the gums. Wow - if you look at that picture and how it shows the nerves going up to the gums - yeowtch! Just looking at that right now hurts my mouth! LOL

We have found a wonderful dentist in the next town over and he's done some great work on one of our sons, I'll probably have to just start saving up and go to him. I remember one time, years back, I went to some dental chain. Who knew? Before that, I had no idea there was such a thing. And the other weird thing about them is that they were in the mall. Go to the dentist in the mall? Now that felt really strange. They were pretty good though and I remember their being really nice, as well. The dentist took his time explaining everything to me and making sure that I understood everything. That would be the last thing I'd expect from a chain dental office. The image in my mind is more like an assembly line.

In fact, I once went to a dentist that felt exactly like an assembly line. It was awful. And the dumb girl tried to talked me into xrays when I really didn't want them, because, I was pregnant. I just didn't feel like it was that urgent and let me tell you, I worried about that for weeks afterward! That was just the kind of place it was - sell 'em and sell 'em hard! Jerks! After an experience like that, I can understand why someone would want to go to a San Diego sedation dentist! Or worse, some of the stories my mom and people from her generation tell about going to the dentist when they were kids! Scary!!!

I've never been entirely happy with the looks of my teeth, though, and I would love to go to a San Diego cosmetic dentist and have something done. What? I don't even really know what all would need doing, but, I just don't like my teeth all that much.

My daughter has braces and my husband is now thinking that he will get them, too. And so we got into a discussion about the looks of our teeth. They think I'm being silly and that I should be grateful for my teeth. I totally understand where they're coming from, but, if I did have the money for it, I would have some kind of something or other done to spruce mine up, too!

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Michelle | said...

I never did like going to the dentist, especially when she finds cavity. The pain is agonizing.

Lisa Marie Mary said...

Hey Michelle - Well, at least when you have a cavity, you definitely get laughing gas! Woohoo! ;)

Hey Large - the illustration is not of an infected tooth or anything, it is just a normal tooth. It does show you where the nerve runs through your tooth, though.

vbulletin 4 styles said...

Why why why did i have to see this post lol, im about to have 4 wisdom teeth taken out and ive heard it doesn't tickle.. id almost forgotten about it since the pain killers kicked in than i ran into your article lol.. why do they have to be so painful

ร้านดอกไม้ said...

I hate going to the dentist’s too. It is actually my worst nightmare, and I would rather stay at home in pain, than to go there.