Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mama's Got Cool Hippie Threads

Even though I'm still not a 'real' hippie and I never will be, for various reasons - now I'm closer to the genu-ine article! LOL! I've finally made a purchase at my very most favorite online clothing shop! I bought a skirt from!

I absolutely love it! I really wanted to buy a tshirt and a purse and a backpack and some stickers and a tapestry, too. But hey, I'm not made of money! I've definitely got the other items in my wish list. And you wouldn't even guess what! They've added two new skirts just since I bought this one that I really, really like! Well, one of them is knee length, though. And I don't think I'm ready for a knee-length skirt. You never know, in a few months I might be.

I've hit another plateau in my weight-loss journey, but, I've hit several through the course of the year, so I'm not letting it freak me out. I know that, eventually, I will get past it.

One of the main reasons I hadn't bought anything from Soul-Flower yet was that I didn't fit into any of their cool hippie threads.

Well, when I very first found them, they did have a plus-size section. It didn't have a whole lot in it, but, at the time I didn't have the money to spend. Then when I did have some extra dough, they had taken that section away. I guess they just didn't get enough business to keep it up. Which is funny, because, there are so many 'fat hippie' jokes. Or 'fat vegetarian' jokes. Hmm...

Oh well, now I not only fit in their clothes (YEA!!!) but, my awesome new patchwork skirt is actually way too big for me. Too funny! So if the next size down fits me, according to them I'm already a 12-14 - I like the sound of that!

Women's clothing is so funny that way, though - I am a whole size different between Lee's and Levi's right now. And let's just say that Lee's are my favorite jeans right now! So there - Levi's are in the doghouse - LOL!

Ok, I need to stop blabbing and let you see the durn video already, but, in the video I promised to tell you the name of the skirt - it is the Cali Q Patch Cargo Skirt.

P.S. And a little birdy told me that they're working on the new Soul-Flower catalog, too! I can't wait to see it!
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