Sunday, May 25, 2008

Groovy Sunglasses the Kids Would Love

Check these out - I think the kids would absolutely love these funky sunglasess!They are shutter sunglasses, which are totally weird, but, I just bet the kids would dig 'em! And then add to it that the darn things glow! Yep - the kids would love them! I found them at, a site that sells all kinds of sunglasses, that are moderately priced, but, can be compared to some very nice, rather expensive brands. They also sell Wholesale Sunglasses.

I found a pair of gorgeous pink sunglasses (even the lenses!) that make me want to start wearing contacts again, so that I could buy those for myself! Who knows, though, my light skin tone might not look good in those - that could very well be a pair for a very tanned lady.

But there are so many oodles and oodles of glasses on their site, that I could surely find some for myself, if I did go back to contacts. The kids are in high school now, though, and have expressed interest in 'cool shades' recently. Shawn even begged a girl to let him wear hers the other day. It was during the school day, so I wasn't there - I hope they weren't all girly. Ha!

Man, they've got all kinds of cool sunglasses - the kids section is awesome, as is the novelty section! They even have hologram ones! And - guess what? I wouldn't even have to switch back to contacts - they have some 'fit over sunglasses' that would go over my glasses! That would be cool! I had some that came with my glasses - the little clip-on things, but, I didn't like them very much. It would be so much easier to just have a completely separate pair that fits right over my glasses!

Very cool! 2 Thumbs Up

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Laurie said...

Funky Sunglasses! Not sure if my kids would wear them or not...I know my 11 year wouldn't, LOL My 5 year old would probably think they are great!