Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Fireworks for New Years?

How long has this been a tradition? And how did it get started? Don't we do enough fireworks on July 4th? I first heard of doing fireworks when I went to my sister-in-law's brother's house in Rowlett, Texas one year for New Year's Eve. I think that was about six or seven years ago. She and her family and all of their friends were Philipino, and we were the only white people there, and so I thought it must be a Philipino tradition. We had fun, but, I just had never heard of doing fireworks for New Year's before.

The funny thing is, though, now that I'm in Alabama - I learn that it is totally common practice. Heck, my friend, Julie - in Las Vegas, was even going to watch fireworks on the strip! I guess it's just been that long since I actually went out on New Year's Eve. We sometimes will have people over to our house, or go to some party that actually ends before ringing in the new year. Haha! So I guess I'm just out of touch!

In this small town, though, people do fireworks at home and no one bats an eye! In the city, that is totally not cool, and people get fined heavily for it. So last night, Puppy and I were sitting in my office, when outside my window - about 7pm - went the BIGGEST, LOUDEST RUCKUS!!! The neighbor boy was setting off fireworks in the street and it was about twenty feet from my office window! Puppy and I almost went through the ceiling! And that was how it began...

Fireworks went off, intermittently throughout the evening, and 120 pounds of big, overgrown baby (more like, five year old big ass dog!) was up my butt ALL NIGHT LONG! I'm talking until about 1am! They were going off all over the neighborhood. My poor, sweet Puppy was so upset!

And then, this morning, on Skype with my mom, I happen to mention to her that we were under a Fire Caution/Wind Advisory.... not even putting the two things together until she pointed it out!

Damn hillbillies!

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Ilka Flood said...

Hi Lisa Marie,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post about New Year's Fireworks.

I grew up in Germany and we ALWAYS set off fireworks on New Year's. Actually, I miss this, now living in the US. I remember getting together with friends over there having a party and a wonderful time and then...as soon as the clock strung 12...it was going outside and setting off fireworks.

When I was little I lived at my grandfather's house. His wife owned a stationary store and of course she sold fireworks as well. So we got to shoot off all the fireworks she didn't sell by the end of the day New Year's Eve. Sometimes we were out until 3am in the morning still having a great time.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Ilka ;o)