Sunday, December 30, 2007

Too much testosterone!

There was just way too much of it in my house last night! Way too much! See, I lost my Sammie girl to her friend, Brianna's house - for a sleepover. And then the boys had their cousin, David, over to spend the night with us. And then Mark brought home his brother, Eric, and he was spending the night, too.

The testosterone over-abundance didn't really hit me until Mark called us all to dinner. I walked in that room, and I was like, "Oh my gawd! There's too much testosterone in here - even the damn dog!" They all laughed at me. I just had a little moment of panic as I walked in the room and realized how completely outnumbered my poor, little self was!

I've been wondering, lately, if it's almost time for me to supplement my estrogen supply, since I have had a hysterectomy and I am approaching *eeeks* my forties. (Did I just say that?!)

Well, see, though - had I already started with a progesterone supplement, I could've been uber sneaky last night and rubbed a little on each of those domineering men-type folks in my house last night and evened the score a little! Ha!

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