Sunday, December 23, 2007

Make Daddy take back our presents....

" then we'll have money, and Aunt Tracy can come here." You know, like - we could send her money to travel here.
Crying 11
There are some moments when I regret with every fiber of my me-ness, moving out here. There are some moments when I just ask myself, "what in the hell were you thinking?!" And I physically ache to go home.

My brother and his wife, Tracy - were so involved in these kids' lives. They were so much a part of their existence.

Am I nothing but pure evil to take them away - to separate them?

Oh gawd, I gotta think about something else - this hurts too much.


Anonymous said...

Boy, I hope Tracy doesn't read this! She was feeling bad enough! Oh, & DJ was really pushing this morning to take a trip to Alabama. He just brought it up out of the blue. He misses all of you too!

By the way, you guys made a good decision. It's such a cool place to live. I was a little worried about P the months before you guys left. He seems to be enjoying life more now that he's out there.

We need to plan another set of summer trips. We'll head up there for a week & you all come back here for 3 weeks. We'll make it a tradition.


Anonymous said...

Don't listen to what Mic said. It was the biggest mistake ever, and you need to come back immediately. OK? Now I'll blink my eyes and you'll be here. All of you. Yes even Mark! :) We love him through all the crazy!:) Please send my Sammie girl back to me. I ache for them as much as you ache for us. Love you forever!! tb

Lisa said...

What? Oh, that was Mic? I thought it was Momma. Hahaha! Silly people and their one-letter initials!!!

I know I'm completely self-centered, but, I dread the thought of becoming just another one of DJ's out of town aunts. I don't wanna be 'just another'. :(

Pat is totally loving it here! He just had such a rockin' 6th grade year, it was hard for him to leave.

Summer tradition sounds oovy groovy!!!! :D

tb - But can we do the blood sisters thing on our hands, like in Practical Magic, and agree to die on the same day? Then I'll be happy!

Kids in boxes on front porch waiting for hot UPS guy to come pick them up - it's ok for them to be out there overnight, right?