Monday, December 24, 2007

Exceeded the maximum number of payments

That's what I've been told...
• You have exceeded the maximum number of payments allowed on this account.

And which fine company do you think has shared this lovely information with me? The electric company, perchance? Yes - the electric company. You know, Alabama Power Company - the ones that want me to pay them extra money for not having enough money - now won't let me give them any money! WTH??

Nutters, I tell you, it's just plain nutters. See, I've been paying them bits and pieces here and there as I can, and it just so happens that in the last two weeks, I've been able to send them four or five different payments.

And I had $200 I could send them on Friday, but, it was on two separate cards - which would mean two separate payments. I paid the first one, no problem. The software then asked me if I'd like to make another payment. Why, yes - I would. How did you guess?

So I head back in to do just that and that is when I received the lovely message above.

And yet, it is due to be cut off on Wednesday. Just lover-ly.

One more chapter in the ongoing saga of Lisa VS. Alabama Power. Heh.


tAnYeTTa said...

i've never heard of sucha thing. they are crazy!

Lisa said...

I know, it's just completely nutters, isn't it? I can't make another online or telephone payment until Jan. 11th! Hubby had to take the payment in to a store!

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