Sunday, October 07, 2007

Self Portrait Sunday October 7

So here I am in my 'messy, you put off your work till the last minute again so you better just get busy - forget about showering - powder your nose and stick on a hat' - Sunday self!

It's funny, for one of the company's that I work for - I have a deadline every two weeks. I know that deadline is every second Monday. I know that. And yet, it never seems to fail that I put it off to the very last minute - every. single. time.

I don't intend to - I surely do not. I just keep saying, 'It's ok, I'll start on it tomorrow.' And next darn thing I know - that Monday morning deadline is sneaking up on me.

It's getting so bad, that even the kids are hollering at me! "Mom! You are always telling us not to put off our assignments until the very last day and here you are doing it!"

Eeeps! Duly noted.

I will meet my next deadline in a timely manner.

I will meet my next deadline in a timely manner.

I will meet my next deadline in a timely manner.

I will meet my next deadline in a timely manner.

I will meet my next deadline in a timely manner.

(Copy and paste sure makes 'sentences' a lot easier! Hahaha! Don't tell Mrs. Beasley - or whoever your evil detention teacher was! LOL!)

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John C said...

I actually tried working out a script that would change the font for every line, to avoid that problem. :) Cute picture, you.

Lisa said...

Avoid what problem?

And thanks! :D

Fireflower said...

And here I was bothered that I was procrastinating with calling the endocrinologist to report my glucose numbers....

That's nothing compared with setting a good example!

Lisa said...

I'd say we're both in the doghouse! Ha!

Now get off the computer and call that doctor, silly!


latt├ęgirl said...

Would it sound totally mean if I said you have to lose those ancient glasses? Cuz they are seriously 1984.

Feel free to hate me for this. But I don't mean it, um, meanly.

I suspect you have very nice eyes hiding behind those monstrous lenses.

Lisa said...

I do have beautiful eyes, thank you. But girl, I bought these glasses in the last five years - 1984? What?

I have actually been begging the old man for new glasses. He just hates spending money on 'necessaries'. He did just buy me a new digital camera - totally unnecessary. I love it, though. But glasses - just too necessary. LOL!!

Thanks for your honesty, I guess. ha!

Marisa said...

And the answer to that is Yes, it does sound totally mean and totally shallow and really, what was the point? It isn't like opinions were requested.

Actually, that was just rude.

Jennifer said...

If you have to preface your comment with "would it sound mean", I think the answer is automatically "Yes" and obviously you know it. That was rude.

Lisa, you're beautiful! :) And stop putting off your assignments!! (and maybe I'll stop putting off mine too LOL)

Suni said...

ho NO you DIDNT go there....

that's not something you say in someone's comments... hell that's not something you say to someone that is not your best friend. i don't know how you would ever think your comment was okay lattegirl. next time you feel like saying or typing anything that starts with "i hope this doesnt sound mean" or "no offense, but" JUST STOP AT THAT and don't say anything at all. i guess not everyone was taught about that golden rule ... .

LISA you are a beauty with or without your glasses. Let all those who would speak ill of you have their tongues dry up and cleave to the roof of their mouths... that's the WORD.

Retta said...

Look at all you super slackers putting off work 'til the last minute like that. I never ... oh, who am I kidding.

There's nothing wrong with your glasses, they are quite suitable and they help you see - that's all that matters! Not everyone wants itty bitty tiny specs.

Lisa said...

It's just bloody good to have friends, ain't it?

I love ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Awww honey, I think you are beautiful.

Don't listen to the person who feels the need to point out issues with others...they are usually too busy point out ppl's problems so they don't have to look at their own.

You are looking all sweet and cute there. :) Love the pic

Lisa said...

You're sweet, Deb - thank you!!

Jo said...

You look exactly like I look right now, we're even wearing same color shirt. I'm very comfy!

Lisa said...

Comfy is what I'm all about, Jo! ;)