Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blogging in Bed, Take Two

And this lovely, but, somewhat jumbled, post - I wrote Sept. 30th. Heh.

So here I am again, blogging in bed – only, with no connection to the internet. My router is probably less than fifteen feet away and I just can’t seem to get the two to hook up. It’s like when the kids were little and I would introduce them to new, potential friends and none of them would talk, and the other mother and I would just smile at each other nervously, wondering what is wrong with our children, that they just can’t seem to connect.

I did, actually, get this laptop connected…although it was less than one foot away from the router. :P Not entirely exciting, but, it juiced me up. I took it as a small victory, and excitedly told my Skype buddy on my desktop I had to go to bed… I was finally getting a chance to blog in bed! (Funny dream, but, that’s my dream right now. Hey, I’m easy to please. Or – apparently not, since it’s not happening….) Anyway, by the time I got to the bedroom and opened the laptop back up, it had disconnected.

I have only been able to establish a connection once since then, and it only lasted for a minute or two. And I’m afraid I’ve messed something up with the settings now, because, I’ve been working with it so much to make it happen since it actually did happen, you know? Mark says I should take it up to our computer guy in town and see if he can set it up for me. I hate letting other people touch my computers, even if they are professionals. I will probably do that, though. And this week would be a good time, as Mark is not working that much. That is, of course, if the computer guy doesn’t charge me, as Mark isn’t working that much.

There is some good that is coming out of this, however. For starters, this new machine is running Vista, and there is a lot for me to learn on it. And one of the big things is Word – it is so different! Lots of new features and toys! Or maybe they are just more laid out for you to see, I don’t know, but, it seems like a whole different banana. And another good thing – I’m not online – where there are ALL kinds of distracting things…like email and message boards! So what am I doing? I’m actually writing! Just writing, no distractions. That is a good thing!

I can’t believe I’d actually say this, because, I’ve been wanting mobile internet for so long, but, I think a part of me will actually be disappointed when it does happen.

Now that’s just crazy talk.

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