Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yes, fourteen year old boys are gross.

They are on the other computer, right behind me - searching 'poop' on Google - and laughing their butts off!

Lovely topic for a Sunday morning, no?

I hate to say it, but, I like that topic much better than the one they were researching last night - hunting videos on YouTube. Sad

Oh, and last night they were also looking up girls they know on MySpace.Shocked 4

So let's see here: Google image search of POOP, YouTube search of HUNTING VIDEOS, or MySpace search of GIRLS THEY KNOW

What happened to the days of arts and crafts and watching Barney?

Someone get the Calgon!Help


Retta said...

Boys are very gross - poo yucky gross boys! I was hoping they got less gross as they got older. Guess I'm out of luck!

Lisa said...

Yeah, uh - no such luck, m'dear!

Rotten things!


Fireflower said...

I suspect those days are left behind until they get to college. Then it's going to be a whole new level of "I don't want to know". My toddler told me last night that Tinky-Winky had put the cookie crumb up her nose. Um, no. I suspect that this is just the beginning of her attempts to pass off her sillyness on the tv.

Lisa said...

That's funny! "TinkyWinky did it, Mama!" ROFL!!!

Mike said...

Come on, you wouldn't want them to be searching for astro physics now, would you? :P

Lisa said...

Hahaha! No, I guess that would be a perfect waste of their weekly-alloted brain-rotting time! LOL!

Anonymous said...

uh, I know. my son is in the phase where he tries to slip in as many bad words as he can without getting caught...yeah, right, like i won't notice him saying a bad word?? LOL

and loves to talk about pooping..dear goodness, what's the obsession?

Lisa said...

Oh my - we haven't done the bad word thing - yet. I suspect it's coming, though. Yikes!