Friday, August 31, 2007

I just flunked out of the internet!

Truly and utterly devastating! I am a complete internet failure!

How do I know? Well, thanks to my friend, Cat, that's how!

Hey Cat - Tongue Out 12

I'm so depressed - I got 55%!!

Mingle2 Internet Quiz - How Much Do You Know About the Internet?

Online Dating from Mingle2

Isn't it awful? Can someone please pass a tissue?Crying 7

Ya'll go take it, too - and come back here and report, so maybe I'll have some company in my ultimate failure!


Catriona said...

Awww. On the upside you get ultimate re-takes and don't get held back for this one.

There are a lot of obscure things on there that I only know because of courses on website making and history of the net that I took. *slight advantage* given the bizarre memory I have for odd facts like: there a three golf balls on the moon. Who needs to know that?

Lisa said...

Re-take? Yeah, that's the ticket!! That's what I need to do! Ha!

I was just yesterday wondering if there were any golf balls on the moon, so, see how handy you came in?


Jennifer said...

I failed too... though I'd like a recount! For as many as I *did* get right, it doesn't seem like my score should be that low. *sniff*

Lisa said...

I hear ya, Jenn! I was, myself, devastated...pass the Kleenex, wouldja?

We can pout together..

Catriona said...

I'm glad that I could help out then ^_~ My husband always tells me that if I cleared out my brain of all the junk facts there'd be a lot more room for useful things like shopping lists so that I don't forget half the stuff when I go to the grocery store.
Now I can tell him that my facts are, in fact, helpful ^_^

Lisa said...

Are you kidding? I'd love to know all that computer and internet stuff! I just about think I'm getting 'kinda' smart on that stuff...and then whammo! Find out how much more I really have to learn!
I do have some useless junk up there, too, mostly in regards to numbers and stuff. The phone number of the boy who asked me to 'go with him' in the sixth grade - uh, yeah, that's useful! LOL!!!