Friday, August 31, 2007

Two awesome before-school mornings!

I think I woke up in the wrong house twice in a row! Because the house I woke up in contained two happy boys who were ready early and were NOT fighting and were not complaining about anything and were not demanding lunch money they'd forgotten to ask for the night before or any of that! I think they've been taken over by aliens!

And you know what? This morning they each actually woke up late! And they were still ready early! It was amazing! Often, if a child is running late, and it looks like they won't have time for a relaxed breakfast - they'll have to grab a granola bar and run type of day - they will holler at me, "MOM! Please, can't you just take me?!" But when it's already that far into the morning, it is hard to work things out. The three of them take two different buses - one leaving 30 minutes prior to the other. So the second bus rider, which this year is only Sammie, either has to be ready early so they can come with us, or in a really good mood, so they can finish getting ready and get on the bus without my being here. Their dad sleeps late and is not in any way, shape, or form, a morning person. So he's just in bed - not watching them get on the bus, like their sweet, protective mama does. Winking 2

So anyway, this morning, Shawn asked me as soon as I got him up - and that really gave me enough time to say, 'yes'. Actually, I told him 'maybe' - if I can get everyone cooperating for that, we'll do it. And they did. And I did. And it was really rather quite lovely. It's funny, that now driving them to school is kind of a treat for all of us. In Texas, it was just an everyday occurence. But it gave us some time to be together, laugh, and enjoy each other. It was nice.

I do hope the aliens who've inhabited
my sons' bodies don't leave too soon -
I'm enjoying them!______________________ Alien 9
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