Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A virtual sandcastle

I just built a sandcastle - online! The cool thing is, when you are done building it, it becomes an ecard that you can send to a friend or loved one! I have a slight ecard addiction, you see! I just love them! And this one was fun to make, because I didn't just look through an assortment of cards (which is fun), but, I actually got to make the card! It's late tonight, but, tomorrow - I can't wait to show the kids, they are going to love this! And my four-year old nephew is going to have so much fun with it! He can make one and email it to his grandma in Illinois! That will be so cool for her to get email from him! And I can bet that my 12 year old son's will be all purple! In fact, my nephew might make his all purple, too - they both love purple! When I built mine, I just left mine the color that they already were - I suppose the kids will see that as boring! I might have to go back in and make a pink and yellow one, but, I've already made two! See? I told you I was addicted to ecards! Well, hey - I was never very good at making Sandcastles, but, with this site - it's so easy!!

Here is my second one:
Isn't it cute? I actually liked my first one better, but, I accidentally missed saving it. But, here's another cool thing about the site - they have a gallery of all of the sandcastles! It's fun looking at all of the different ways people put them together, and you can see my other one there! It's called 'Lisa's Diggs'!

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