Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My sweet Puppy is lame

Lame? Lame? What the heck! Oh my gosh, that word set my stomach to churning!

Mark took my sweet boy to the vet the other day for his shots and heartworm test and to get more Revolution, etc. - and his new vet said he is lame.

We knew that he had some issue. We were first told it was hip dysplasia (sp?) and then we were told it was a spinal deformity and now this - lame. Ugh. I told Mark that when horses are lame, that's it. That is the end. He said, "Lisa! Lucky doesn't weigh 1200 pounds!" I know, I know, but, it just sounds so bad. To a Momma, that is.

The problem that the vet noticed is with his back left leg. The lower joint kind of goes forward when it is supposed to stay straight. He said that there is nothing that can be done about it. We knew, very early on, that Puppy had a major issue. I think it's just that hearing it in this way is making it more real. I've always declared, "if this dog wasn't handicapped, I would be in real trouble!" because he is so strong. One time, when he was a puppy, he even laid me out on the grass, because he pulled so hard on the leash! Crazy dog! He doesn't pull like that anymore. Thank goodness. But he is still very strong and often hard to hold onto!

So I fear what is to come, but, I am enjoying every 'healthy' moment with him now!

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