Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Grand Canyon of the South

That's where we're headed today - Little River Falls Canyon. And it's been touted as 'The Grand Canyon of the South'. And from all that we've read and heard, it is beautiful. You can read about it, and see more pictures, here: Little River Canyon National Preserve

Sure looks pretty, huh? Ok, I know, it's no Colorado, but, it's still very pretty and I'm sure we'll have a great time! I just hope I don't get carsick with all of the driving and all of the winding roads!
Oh, and speaking of Colorado, I've a rather funny email to share with you. I keep meaning to do that - lemme see if I can sneak that in right quick before the old guy gets up and starts hollerin' at me - "Are you ready yet? C'mon! We gotta go!" :P


Susan said...

I love Little River and you are right it is beautiful. Congrats you made the Life Is Risky Blog Stumbling for today!

Lisa said...

Thank you, Susan! :D