Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Celebrity Gossip

I must admit that I love some good celebrity gossip! I love to learn what the cool stars are up to, and I love to hear the crazy antics of the wacko stars! There is a great new site where I can get all of my fill of news of their high-profile lives! It is called CelebrityGossip.com and they aggregate the gossip that is hot from all kinds of sites out there on the internet, and let us sign up and vote for it! I know that we have to take a lot of what we read with a grain of salt, but, it sure is fun to read. You can join and meet friends who are interested in the same stars that you are, and you can also earn bonus points. You earn bonus points for referring others to the site, and you can exchange them for magazines, once you've earned enough! I think the thing that I like the best about it is that it is an aggregator, so it pulls in all the best stories from many sites. I often get bored when I am looking at, say, just a single celebrity gossip blog. And now that it's a little harder to swipe my sister's People magazines, since we're 800 miles apart - this will be just perfect for me!

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