Friday, June 15, 2007 ROCKS!

This is cool, very cool! It's a video news site, called The News Room through which I (and you) can make money! You can find relevant news to your site, post it, and whammo! We make money via an advertising share and the CPM starts at $1. It was so quick and easy to sign up - I am just loving this! You will have to excuse me if I go video crazy for a little while, because I am really excited about this! I mean, heck! You can even win prizes when you embed their awesome, timely videos on your blog or website!

Now check this one out! My treehugger soul couldn't have been happier when I saw it!

Go Lucky Lady, go!

That is so cool that if they escape the slaughter line, they are free! Period. That's the system! I like that system.

And how sweet that the little boy saw him, "Grandpa, it's a sheep - from the farm! It's NOT a dog!" I love that!

That would have to be so funny to be driving through the Bronx, and see a sheep aimlessly meandering the sidewalks, nibbling on weeds!

And the coolest thing of all is that I can post this video on my blog, and share it with all of you, and we can enjoy it together - and I can even make some money from it! Could it get any better?


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