Friday, June 15, 2007

DUH, Aunt Lisa!!

Ok, so I was outside with my sweet (and a little cantankerous)*, four-year-old nephew, DJ. We were coloring with sidewalk chalk and we were making some lovely creations. He is such a ham, I can't even believe how much I love him!
Then he got distracted by some roly-polies. So he decided to catch a few. Then he put four or five of them in the sidewalk chalk bucket and closed the lid.
I expressed concern for the roly-polies, asking him why he was putting them in the bucket.

He exasperatedly declared at me, "In case they want to draw theirselves, Aunt Lisa!!"

Laughing 13

*I had to edit that in because his momma was hovering and had issue with my description of him! Giggle


Deb said...

Great story! I like the pictures that go along with it.

Lisa said...

Thanks, Deb!! :)