Monday, June 11, 2007

Beautiful lighting for the home

I've been looking at a website today that has the most wonderful selection of home lighting. They have both indoor and outdoor lighting. The website is and the company has been in business since 1924! They actually started out as a small general store and through the generations of Farrey's, have evolved into mainly a home lighting business. Farrey's is now being operated by the fourth generation of the family. They have pictures on their site of the history of their stores. I just love it when businesses are old like that, and yet they are family-run businesses!

Being a new homeowner (of a scantily decorated house) and the wife of a contractor, around whom conversations of home decorating are a constant thing, I think I could look at this site for hours! I found some really amazing pieces in the forecast lighting department! I love the floral arches for the bath vanity!

And the side glass collection in the Minka Lavery section of the site was just awesome! Some of those are so beautiful, and I know I would have such a hard time picking which one I wanted!

But then I noticed some amazing ceiling fans that they have! I'll never forget the first time that I saw a ceiling fan that didn't look like your typical ceiling fan - the blades were 'palm leaves' and it was in one of my family's restaurants! Ever since then, I have loved unique ceiling fans! I got a Crayola one for my first child before he was born - you know how fancy the first kid's nursery is! ;) I haven't seen the Crayola one on their site, but, Farrey's definitely have some unique ones. They even have some great ones for kids. I see one that my daughter would just love!

I sure wish it was time to make my pitifully-undecorated house beautiful - well, at least I know where to go when the time comes!


Eve said...

I need to get a ceiling fan for our place too!

Lisa said...

Oh, they've got some seriously cool ones, too! :)