Friday, May 04, 2007

Shopping for Mother's Day

I got my HSUS email newsletter today, and they were recommending gifts for Mother's Day and you have just got to see this mug! It is so cute!Isn't that the cutest thing ever??? I just love it! I wonder, though, if it is hard to clean. I suppose, if you were just drinking cofee, it would be fine. But sometimes I add stuff to my coffee that gets clumped up at the bottom of the cup - like hot chocolate - or even Hershey's Kisses. I guess, if you could run it through the dishwasher - it would be fine. Or if not, you could soak it in hot water. Not like I add stuff like that to it, often, anyway. It's just so strange - to have a puppy in my coffee cup. They call it the Peek-a-Pup mug!

And oh my gosh! They have so many other cute and absolutely adorable things! I could meander over that website for hours!

I wonder how much of the profits go to helping animals? I mean, it's just so odd, I lost myself on that site, and got to thinking I was on a typical retail site. And then I remembered it was HSUS. I'm sure there must be a way to find that out. I bet my mom would know.

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