Friday, May 18, 2007

Seduce a Celeb! is running the funniest new contest called Seduce a Celeb for the next fourteen weeks. The object of the contestant's affections is Mirelly Taylor, a very beautiful actress who has appeared in movies such as Serving Sara and Kiss Me Again. She really reminds me of Penelope Cruz, and she is so pretty! That is part of what is so funny to me - how on earth did they talk her into doing this? See, what they're doing is having anyone who wants to win a date with her submit videos talking about why they should win a date with her, what they desire in a woman, what their idea of a perfect date is, you get the idea, right? And then visitors to the website vote on the videos and the people with the highest number of votes, are going to be the finalists and then Mirelly gets to pick the winner from the finalists. Mirelly is also uploading videos to the site talking about what she thinks is the perfect date, what kind of man she likes, etc. and then she asks the guys to respond to her videos with more videos. Here's her first intro. video - see what I mean? Isn't she pretty? I just love her voice! Mark wanted to know if he could win the date with her! I said, "Sure! Just get busy making your videos!"

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