Sunday, May 06, 2007

Searching for Henry the artist

I just love this big 'ol internet thingy, don't you? It's way cooler than sliced bread, I tell you! Shall I get to the point?

Ok, there is a sweet lady in England who has been recently widowed, and her honey was the love of her life! He is her soulmate - they fell in love at first sight! It is so refreshing to hear of a love like that!

And it seems her hubby was in a profession quite similar to my hubby - he was a painter and a decorator. And he wore a lot of painter's whites. That is all Mark used to wear when we first got together. He tries to stick to building stuff nowadays, he got a little burned out on the painting, but the similarity struck me.

Her hubby was on a job once, and the homeowner had a houseguest at the time who was an artist. The artist's name was Henry. And Henry asked Mick (also my brother's name - more similarity, awww...) if he could paint him. Henry complimented Mick on the personality in his face, and Mick jokingly criticized himself, wondering why anyone would want to paint him. But he did eventually agree to let Henry paint him.

But it seems that Mick and his lovely wife lost track of the artist before he was finished with the painting. So they never actually saw it.

And now she is searching for it. What a beautiful thing if this 'ol interweb could help her track it down! Wouldn't that be something?

Go read her post with all of the information about it here: ART, ART, WHEREFORE ART THOU, ART?

And then it would be totally wonderful if you would also do all that you could to spread the word about it where you travel on this big 'ol WWW!! I am posting here, and I'm going to bulletin it on MySpace, and I'm going to post in a highly populated international forum that I visit.

Let's help this sweet lady find her painting of her dear husband!

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