Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quit kicking me around!

Alright, alright - you can do it one more time! Just once, though - and I mean it!!!

Now that was fun, even I have to admit!! Oh my bum, though...ooooohhh!! Heehee!

I swiped this from the blog of a really awesome online marketer, Jim Kukral - check him out! If you are working online - internet marketing, blogging, anything online - you will want to keep reading his blog!


Sassy said...

Hi Lisa, I love this. I put one on my site and gave you some linky love in return.

Lisa said...

Thank you - I appreciate it!! :)

Stephen said...

Very, very amusing. Although I have to tell you that I'm not inclined to kick people that I don't know. It's kind of a rule I have. :)

Lisa said...

Why, thank you, Stephen! That's mighty kind of you! :D