Thursday, May 10, 2007

ESL Teaching Jobs in Korea

Ok, ya'll - I know I say this all the time, but, I just love this 'ol interwebby! Anyone can find just about anything, and more importantly, anyone can hook up with just about anyone! See, there's this very cool new site that I want to tell you about. Let's say you just finished college, and you want to be an ESL teacher in a foreign country, how about Korea? Ok, great - this is where you need to go: It is a job listing site, culling its information from three different communities online. And the cool part is, that this site is very interactive. In the style of Digg and other sites like that, you can vote a job listing up (GoAheads) or down (Grudges) if you happen to have some information about them. So if you have had experience with a certain employer - say you called them to discuss the job and they were a complete a**hole, go back to the site and give it a Grudge, and let other jobseekers know ahead of time that someone thought poorly of them. The longer you use the site and/or the more you use the site, the more weight your particular votes have, so people looking to pop in and just 'mess' with the voting, won't really have much pull. And the story of where the name for the site comes from is pretty neat, as well! Go HERE to read all about that!

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