Wednesday, May 16, 2007

91 year old man beaten by 22 year old thug

Oh dear God! I am completely nauseated! A 22 year old thug, who wanted to steal a car, decided that he needed to beat the owner of said car first - a 91 year old man! Luckily, the man survived and is doing ok, but, what on earth is wrong with people? I really just don't get it! And to make matters worse - FIVE people were standing next to the very next car over - and did nothing! Nothing! This was a 91 year old man, people! Ok, I honestly cannot say what I would've done - I am a total chicken shit when it comes to violence, and I have often run as fast as Jackie Joyner to get away from fights, but, those were fights between two able-bodied men. This was not a fight. This was the brutal beating of an old, very old, man. I hope and pray that God would give me the strength and the courage to do something, anything, to try and help the man out, if I were in this situation.

I was a junior counselor one summer and one of the staff members, with whom I'd become very close, and who was a mentor to me - died that fall, because he was trying to stop a fight. He was at a bar, and two people got into a fight, and one person was obviously the underdog, and he stepped in to try to save him/her - and he got shot. I think I could much rather live with that (in Heaven, with God) then to live my days here on earth, knowing I stood by while someone was senselessly beaten. We were all devastated to hear that he had died, but, everyone's reaction was the same, "Well, that was Jim for you." with passion and pride in our voices and our hearts.

A 91 year old man? Besides the people that were watching, what the hell is wrong with this young man, this boy, that he could do that to an old man? Listen, I'm a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. I can admit that I engaged in some criminal behavior in my time - well duh! But never, ever, ever were my crimes so viciously against another human, much less a very old human. What can possibly get into your heart to make you capable of such a thing?

Ok, I could soapbox on this all day, so I better just shut up and go look for some good news!

Here is an article about the incident: Detroit man charged in assault on senior citizen, car theft

And if you go to the ABC news website, you can see the video. It will turn your stomach, but, perhaps we all need to watch it, so that we can see how desensitized so many of us have become, the boy to perpetrate the crime, the onlookers to do nothing: ABC News Online All you have to do is scroll through the list of videos on the right underneath the video player.


Las Vegas Guy said...

That is beyond horrible. How can you just stand by and let that happen. At least yell out you're calling the cops and get him to run away.

Lisa said...

I know, right? Absolutely unbelievable!!