Monday, April 23, 2007

If the coffee says 'roast', I'm toast!

ICK ICK ICK ICK!!!!!!!!!! Total yuckiness! We usually buy the Folger's flavored coffee, French Vanilla, I believe. The container is about 11 ounces. And costs X amount of dollars.

Well, smart hubby saw a container of Folger's that was over 34 ounces, that was the same X amount of dollars this weekend. Of course, he snapped it right up! Who wouldn't, right?

Well, let me tell you - please don't ever, I mean, do not EVER, buy me any coffee with the word 'roast' in the title! I am honest-to-goodness sick to my stomach right now!

Yuck-ola! I knew I didn't like 'roast' coffees, but, I didn't realize it was this bad. You can buy me the plain 'ol ordinary Folgers, in a can regular, humdrum, run of the mill brand and I'll be just fine! It's not the no-flavor variety I'm against.

But - NO ROAST!!! Yuck! Do you think I can talk him into buying more coffee tonight? After he just saved all that money? ugh....

I'm stuck in 'roast' hell - at least until some more money comes into my accounts, because I can promise you, that man won't buy me any more. He'll think it's funny, and carry on with his day.

But seriously, it's like veal - just the sound of that word makes me ill, and I haven't eaten any since I was FIVE YEARS OLD. My body remembers it, though!

So, I'm allergic to Veal and Roast! Now that would be a good way to get me going on this weight loss business - serve me veal and roast! Hahaha!

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Tammie said...

I know just what you mean! ICKY-ICK!! I go through at least three pots of coffee each day, but none of it is dark roast. It gives me SERIOUS indigestion (no more details are necessary, are they?)