Sunday, March 11, 2007

Time to spoil the pets!

You've got to go see Big Paw Designs! What an adorable online shop for our sweet, furry friends!

And I just love their logo, it is so cute, while at the same time having that regal quality so many of our precious cats strut through our lives with!
They have programs to help with fundraising for rescue groups - which is a major plus in my book! And they even have a section where you can add a whole page of information about your rescue group on an online community called Woof Woof! - that is really cool. You can get to all of the rescue-related information and products right here: Fundraising and Rescue

They even have a blog, called, of course...The Big Paw Blog. I thoroughly enjoy when businesses have blogs, it really helps you get to know the shopkeeper!

They have some really funny collar charms, I think I like this one for Lucky:

There is so much on this site, I am not even sure what to tell you about next! LOL! I am definitely bookmarking this one!

They have articles, dog tips, training hints, product reviews, book recommendations, a pet birthday club, and contests, too! There are photo contests, in which you can win 10% off, and referral contests, in which you can win a gift for your pet!

This is one site that is seriously helpful for those of us who are owned by animals!

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