Saturday, March 03, 2007

Suni is a Supahstar!

It's time for Supahstar Saturday again and our Supahstar today is my sweet friend, Suni!

Suni is such a rockin' chic and a very cool mama, too! She has so much to share with everyone - and she does - on quite a few blogs! You can check Suni out on her main blog: Bucket O' Bulletz! I love reading what she has to say - I can really relate to her in a number of ways!

As I mentioned, Suni is really good mother, and you can nominate her for a Good Mother Award - she nominated her own mother. Very sweet!

Her handsome little man just turned four and they had a splendid Superman birthday party for him, in which her mother creatively decorated his cake because he can't have red dye or milk - I was really impressed! I think it turned out really cute! And as is so typical, but, also so very fitting, the Superman pinata just was not gonna bust! LOL! So the daddies had to help out a bit! The kids also played a fun game of 'Pin the S on Superman'!

Although Suni has lots of good stuff to share on Bucket O' Bulletz, if I were you, I would definitely travel all of her blogs - as she is a very unique and intriguing individual, and definitely one worth getting to know!

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