Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The slippery slope

My rotten migraine is back - ugh. It is absolutely so ridiculous. I walked Patrick outside to wait for his bus this morning at 7am, and while I was standing on the front porch, I attempted to look up at the sky. Yes - attempted - only. That's it. It was that simple.

Upon tilting my head up and sending my eyes upward, I instantly realized that that was a bad idea, and averted my eyes, and returned my head to its normal position.

And now I have a migraine. Poo. You see, in the morning, the first few hours that I am awake, is when I am most susceptible to my headache triggers. And it was bright in a glary kind of way this morning, and the clouds were probably moving. I'm not sure, I just know that I immediately felt discomfort and put my head back down. So between the glare, and the movement of the clouds, my day is blown.

And you see, what is really tricky about all of this, is that - like I've stated before, I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. And living with chronic pain and having to take medicine for it is a tricky operation. It's a bit like walking into the lion's den and not getting bitten. You know you've got to go in there, often daily - but, be careful! You don't want those buggers biting you!

Prescription drug addiction, I think, can often be the trickiest to deal with, recover from, or to even admit, because, you see - "The doctor ordered these for me!" "I'm in chronic pain!"

Which is often, if not always, true. And which gives a recovering drug addict - basically - a hall pass!

It is definitely a slippery slope!

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