Thursday, March 29, 2007

Meet Mark, Mr. Prepared

That is one very impressive thing about my husband - he is prepared for just about anything! I'll never forget when my sweet and young and dumb self first saw his 'never get locked out plan' - I thought he was pure genius! He has the truck key in one of those key hider things - under the hood, no less! I'd never seen anyone put one there! And then inside that is the key to the truck - and inside the truck, hidden, of course - is the key to the house! I was 22, and a bit unworldly, ok, I still am that - but, I was just floored!

And he is that way about everything. Well, he is getting older, so that 'losing things' and 'forgetting things' is starting to set in a bit. (If that was there when I was young, what happens to me when I get older? Hmm...) He is, however, prepared for all kinds of things. We have an emergency kits for just about everything! Several for the house, one for each of our vehicles (when we still had two), and he is an avid outdoorsman and loves to camp, so, of course, there are several for that. You have your main one that you keep at camp with you. Then you need a mini one for dayhikes. He also has a watertight one for any canoing he might do.

I hate to admit it, (and ya'll better not tell him, either!) but, I have learned a lot from him!

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